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Studio Location

Unique Photos Studio is situated on Culver Way, opposite the pedestrian footbridge which crosses over the A38 at the bottom of Hollycroft Road.


Culver Way can be accessed from Crownhill on Fort Austin Avenue where it begins as Widey Lane or from the Eggbuckland Road end where it begins as Frogmoor Avenue.


If travelling from Widey Lane end pass over the speed bumps and 3 mini roundabouts,  'Feedwell' Chinese takeaway  is next on your left, then a post box,  a set of grey metal railings beside a ramp and then another identical set of railings, park here.


From the Eggbuckland Road end proceed along Frogmoor Avenue next to the park, past Speedwell Crescent turning on your right, carry on for about 350 metres and look out for the grey metal railings on the right hand side. Park here and walk up the ramp, go through the archway in the hedge.


Please click on PRINTABLE MAP to download a PDF map with directions from the A38      

32 Latham Close Eggbuckland Plymouth PL6 5PT

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